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As an international nanny agency, UK & International Nannies takes pride in facilitating relationships between children and nannies across the globe. We make it our business to make sure kids and their parents have access to an affordable, dependable, and transparent nanny service. With our international nanny and governess placements, we strive to couple your family with the childcare that best meets our clients’ specific needs.

If you are looking for a nanny and governess services abroad, or if you are looking for a specific childcare solution for you family, please get in touch with us through filling out the client registration form and we will get back to you shortly with our options for international nanny placements.

How Will an International Nanny Help Me?

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Our international nannies are responsible for any and all tasks related to the care of the child. This includes things like preparing food for the child, cleaning and dressing the child when necessary, maintaining the cleanliness of the child’s room and other playrooms in the house, and washing/drying/ironing the child’s clothes. The nanny will first and foremost be responsible for the safety of the child—making sure that he/she is well-supervised and participating in fun, healthy, and safe activities at all times.

The workers from our international nanny agency are well-equipped to keep the child entertained at all times, and are responsible for coming up with games to play, songs to sing, books to read, or other creative ideas based on any requests that the parents or children may have. The nanny will also set up supervised playdates with other friends, to ensure that your child has a fun and active social life.

Please note that the nanny’s duties are restricted to the welfare of the child. Any other household chores or maintenance are not the responsibility of the nanny.


Our overseas nannies will be available to babysit 2-3 nights per week. The specific days of the week during which the nanny will be available to babysit are subject to negotiation between her and the parents. The cost of babysitting is included in the salary.

You are the best agency ever, I really hope that I get all of my jobs through you, you are so nice Helen!DM Nanny

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What provisions will the overseas nannies expect?


Our nannies employed by international / overseas clients will require a private bedroom and bathroom, whether that be a portion of a home or a separate residence. The contract between the nanny and parents will detail all of the living arrangements, requirements, and house rules that you may have.

Good communication is the key to an effective living arrangement, so as part of our role as an international nanny agency, we do our best to make sure that all the ground rules and expectations are discussed with our overseas clients up front. If at any point there are any issues with the living arrangement, feel free to contact us (we provide a 24 hour phone service) and we will do our best to help work things out.


Our international nannies must be provided food as well, the budget for which will be worked out in negotiations beforehand and clearly laid out in the contract. Aside from having certain preferences, some nannies have specific food requirements that they are entitled to expect from the host. Again, communication is key, and finding an arrangement that meets both your food needs and those of the nanny is something we take seriously.


Workers from our international nanny agency are entitled to, at a minimum, four weeks of paid leave per year plus bank holidays. The exact dates of holidays are agreed upon beforehand between the nanny and yourself. Often there are compromises that allow the nanny to choose two weeks of their holiday and the parents to choose the other two weeks.

National Bank holidays are days off for the nanny. In the case of family holidays during which the parents would like the nanny to be present, they are responsible for providing food, regular pay, and accommodation during this period. These days do not count as holidays for the nanny.

FAQ about our nanny services

How many hours can I expect the nanny to work?

Normal working hours for international daily nannies are usually between 10-12 hours/day, although this is also up to negotiation. More hours can be provided if agreed upon by both parties, and some nannies are available for 24-hr service.The nannies are entitled to two days off per week.

How much will an international nanny service cost?

Like other jobs, your nanny’s salary is dependent on their prior experience and qualification. You can expect to pay somewhere between £10 and £12 per hour in most cases. Again, most daily nannies work 10-12 hour days.

What are my options in terms of nanny service?

Our international nanny agency provides following types of childcare solutions:

Where do you provide your international nanny and governess services?

We provide international nanny and governess services for our overseas clients in the following locations:

  • Abu Dhabi nanny and governess services

  • Ankara (Turkey) nanny and governess services

  • Alexandria (Egypt) nanny and governess services

  • Athens nanny and governess services

  • Bahamas nanny and governess services

  • Bahrain nanny and governess services

  • Belgium nanny and governess services

  • Bermuda nanny and governess services

  • Canada nanny and governess services

  • Cayman Islands nanny and governess services

  • Caribbean area nanny and governess services

  • Cairo (Egypt) nanny and governess services

  • Dubai nanny and governess services

  • Geneva nanny and governess services

  • Germany nanny and governess services

  • Holland nanny and governess services

  • France nanny and governess services

  • Greece nanny and governess services

  • Italy (Milan) nanny and governess services

  • Istanbul (Turkey) nanny and governess services

  • Jordan nanny and governess services

  • Kuwait nanny and governess services

  • Luxemburg nanny and governess services

  • Moscow & St Petersburg (Russia) nanny and governess services

  • Monte Carlo – Monaco nanny and governess services

  • New York nanny and governess services

  • Paris (France) nanny and governess services

  • Qatar nanny and governess services

  • Saudi Arabia – Riyadh nanny and governess services

  • Jeddah nanny and governess services

  • Spain (Madrid) nanny and governess services

  • Switzerland nanny and governess services

  • UAE nanny and governess services

  • USA nanny and governess services

  • Hong Kong nanny and governess services

  • China nanny and governess services

  • Japan nanny and governess services


If you  need an experienced nanny overseas, or are looking for the right international childcare solution for you family, please get in touch with us either by calling us at +44 (0) 207 9933 049 or through our registration form here.

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