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Every family has different needs. For families where both parents are working or occupied, finding the right caretaker to help give children the attention they need to prosper is often a necessity. Many different types of caretakers can be found, from part-time babysitters to live in nannies.

UK and International Nannies can help your family understand what you’re looking for in a nanny and match you with a short-list of qualified and background checked potential nannies. We specialize in pairing families with nannies with various qualifications that can meet the specific needs of unique families. We provide both live-in and live-out nannies.

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What type of caretaker is right for your family?

The first step to finding the right nanny for your family is to understand what your family requires in a nanny. Nannies can come with a wide range of characteristics and skillets, so it is up to you to prioritize which qualities will work best with your family. Many of our caretakers focus solely on the direct care of the children, leaving basic housework and errands to the parents.

Other nannies will cover all of these tasks. Some nannies specialize in various age or special needs groups of children. We can provide caretakers who focus on the education and general upbringing of children, with or without the requirements of more general nannies. UK and International Nannies can provide your family with a nanny that is bilingual in almost any language or that adheres to the basic tenants of one of many religions.

We have an extremely diverse group of nannies that we are proud to work with to meet all of your family’s unique needs. What questions should you first ask yourself to understand the type of nanny that will best suit your family?

Basic Nanny or Specialized Nanny?

As mentioned above, several different types of nannies are available from UK and International Nannies. Firstly, would you like a nanny to concern themselves solely with your children or also with housework, errands, or medical issues? This is an important differentiation separating nannies from governesses who typically concentrate solely on the children’s education and upbringing.

Some nannies are specialized in maternity or new mother assistantships, while others have years of experience working with families with many children. Acknowledge your situation and look for a nanny to work with it.

Short-term or Long-term?

For families that are constantly judging so many obligations that hiring a nanny to help care for everyone is practically necessary, it is obvious that a long-term nanny should be found who prefers to remain with the same family for multiple year stints. For insider information, ask about their relationship with their former employees to see if they had the sort of experience you are hoping for.

If you family is relatively self-sustaining apart for during certain events or times of year, it may be worth looking into hiring a short-term nanny. Short-term nannies can cover a period of a couple days to a few months, giving your family the additional care they need for whatever occasion has arisen.

Full-time or Part-time?
Along the same lines, understanding the length of time your family would benefit from a nanny is associated with how many hours a day or a week you envision your nanny working. More than anything else, this aspect will significantly affect the investment’s impact on your family’s finances as well. Do you just need some help during the after school areas to run around with the kids and help get dinner on the table?

A part-time nanny might be best for your family. If, on the other hand, your family needs childcare services around the clock, finding a flexible full-time nanny is the best option for your family.

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Choosing between Live-out and Live-in Nannies

Many of these decisions will help you decide whether you are looking for a live-out or live-in nanny London. If you would like to help your nanny become integrated into your family, offering a live-in option is a great way to make everyone feel at home. A live-in nanny London can provide the most constant care for your family and be available when you need them.

To have a live-in nanny in London, your family must be able to provide at least a private room and bathroom for them to live on your property. If possible, a separate living area and kitchen should also be provided. Working hours can be flexible but should adhere to a general schedule allowing for your live-in nanny London to have two days off a week.

Many of our live-in nannies provide any number of the following tasks in addition to any specializations they may have:

  • Preparing meals
  • Grocery shopping
  • Scheduling appointments, playdates, etc.
  • Getting the children ready for school
  • Doing the children’s laundry
  • Taking care of pets
  • Transporting children
  • Reinforcing appropriate discipline for children
  • Helping with homework, music practice, language acquisition, etc.
  • Putting children to bed when required
  • Providing free time for parents
For more intermittent help throughout the week and for families that do not wish to provide housing for a nanny live-in London, live-out nannies are the best option. These nannies come to work at your home on a regular schedule that you organize with them.

For families seeking full-time help, deciding on a live-out or live-in nanny London can be a challenging choice. Inviting a new person into your home can have a significant impact on your family, for better or worse. For this reason, it is very important to work with an experienced nanny provider like UK and International Nannies to find the most qualified match for your family.

A live-in nanny in London will be able to provide the most constant care possible to your children, always providing an extra set of watchful eyes and helping them in the case of an emergency. If you and your partner are busy professionals, making sure your children are well cared for by a nanny live-in London that can be present when you are not is priceless. If you have chosen to work with a specialized nanny that provide language education or religious guidance, having a nanny live-in London will help their progress steadily continue.

Not all families are good matches for a live-in nanny London, however. If you do not think your family needs the constant care of a live-in or even a full-time nanny, this option will not be best for your family. If you consider you family in need of full-time services but aren’t sure if a live-in nanny in London is really necessary, consider your other restraints.

Does your home have the available space to comfortably host a live-in nanny London? If not, consider a live-out nanny. If so, are you looking forward to spending time with a caretaker throughout the day for most of the week, or would you prefer a more formal working arrangement? Wanting to keep your routine family life and privacy is not a problem but should prompt you to get a live-out nanny.

Finding the Right Nanny with UK and International Nannies

At UK and International Nannies, we pride ourselves on pairing our clients with nannies that perfectly meet their needs. The first step in this process involves helping every family understand exactly what they are looking for in a nanny. For many families, choosing what tasks your nanny will be responsible for and whether a nanny should be full-time or part-time or live-in or live-out can be a real challenge.

To help you make the best choices possible, we concern ourselves with finding the most qualified nannies in your area. All of our nannies have experience with children and have passed CRB screening. Even more, all of our live-in nannies are guaranteed to have at least two years experience and a medical certificate for children’s needs. Once you are able to identify what you are looking for in an ideal nanny, we offer you a list of pre-selected nannies who meet all of your qualifications. We do all the background work so you can simply choose the nanny that is the right fit for you.

Contact us today to discuss identifying the right sort of nanny for your family. Consider your family’s priorities for a nanny to make finding the right one a piece of cake. UK and International Nannies will work with you to find the perfect match for your family’s needs at a price you can afford.

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