We Are an Experienced Nanny Agency Based in London.

UK & International Nannies is a leading nanny agency in London with 25 years of experience in the field. We have some of the most experienced and trustworthy nanniesgovernessesmaternity nurses and babysitters in London, the rest of the UK and abroad.

As experienced childcare professionals, we understand the challenges our clients have in finding reliable nannies for their little ones. However, UK & International Nannies have the form, experience and capacity to find you not just a wonderful nanny, but also a nanny that will fit in with your family and meet each of your specific needs.

UK International Nannies stands out from other nanny agencies London, providing a level of service and candidate that we believe is unrivaled.

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Why use the London-Based UK and International Nannies?

With so many child care agencies in London, parents can often seem spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety of available nanny agencies in London. When it comes to child care agencies, London has it all. However, UK & International Nannies have something that other nanny agencies in London simply cannot compete with: pedigree.

We have years of experience, not just in London but all over the world, in delivering professional child care services. Our unbeatable feedback and testimonials prove that we always find the right fit for a family, and ensure your little ones are in the care of a loving, caring and intelligent nanny.

What sets us apart from other child care agencies in the UK?

We are experienced and professional, working only with caring and trustworthy nannies.
With years of experience in and dedication to matching a family with the right nanny, we understand that nannies are not just professionals but also become part of the family unit.

That is why we only hire nannies, babysitters and childcare professionals that care just as much as we do about supporting childhood development. We do not just find nannies that simply watch over your children; we find nannies who give their all and sincerely want to aid your children each and every step of the way in their development from babies to adults. Our record of service and satisfaction rate of our nannies are both nothing short of impeccable.

We conduct thorough background checks on every nanny we employ.
Many parents are understandably weary about leaving their children with a third-party. However, as one of the premiere child care agencies in London, we take away the stress and worry by ensuring each and every one of our nannies goes through a thorough background check. We also ensure that our nannies are CRB certified.

As an expert London nanny agency, we expect our nannies, London based or otherwise, to be experts as well. We accept nothing but the best and therefore we are always able to provide the best service to you.

We have a quick and efficient HR process for finding the most suitable nanny for our clients around London.
Need a nanny right away? No problem. Here at UK and International Nannies, we have an efficient HR process that not only finds you a nanny in London quickly, but also finds you the nanny in London that is the best fit for you and your family needs. We have a simple process that minimises the paperwork and effort on your end, ensuring that your busy life is not interrupted during your nanny search.

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One of The Best Nanny Agencies London and the UK Has to Offer

As a London nanny agency, we take great pride in the work we do for our hometown. The nannies in London that we offer are diligent, highly experienced and well trained. You won’t find a better match elsewhere, so come talk to us and we will set you up with the perfect fit at a fair price.

We cover the entirety of London and its surrounding areas with our nanny services. No matter where in you live in the Greater London area, we will be able to find a nanny who can fit right into your local community:

  • South East London
  • South West London
  • Middlesex
  • Surrey
  • Central London
  • North London
  • Kent
  • Essex
Families looking for a nanny in London often have a specialised set of needs due to the hectic nature of life in the capital. When it comes to child care agencies, London often represents a challenge. However, it is a challenge to which UK & International Nannies can rise.

That is why having a London nanny company you can trust is so important: with years of experience working right here in the capital, we can find what you need in a flash. Whether you are looking for a bilingual nanny or a nanny who is London born and bred, we can match you with the exact nanny that you are looking for.

Thank-you so much for all of your help over the past few weeks. We have found you to be the friendliest agency in town and will not use anyone else in future, I am so pleased that we have found you.E B

Our South London Nannies 

South of the Thames, London has a personality all of its own. With hotspots like Croydon and Bromley, it may come as no surprise that there is plenty of need for quality south London nannies in this area. We provide a wide range of south London nannies with various skills and backgrounds.

We can help you find a nanny that speaks almost any language, either helping your family learn the language from the beginning or maintain a language that is already spoken within your family. If you are looking for another type of educational element, we can provide governesses to support your children. Did you just have a newborn that requires some extra special attention? UK and International Nannies can help you find the perfect maternity nurse or babysitter for your children from our extensive list of south London nannies.

Our south London nannies can work part-time or full-time, live in or out, and be available whenever and wherever you need. To make the entire process easier for everyone, we usually hire locally so that the nanny your family works with will already be well acquainted with your community and surrounding areas.

UK and International Nannies in North London

Northern London has a lot to offer – many of the city’s most famous tourist spots, a bustling downtown, and an unforgettable nightlife. For residents of north London, though, all of this excitement can mean it is difficult to find stable help for the home. As a premiere north London nanny agency, we have made a name for ourselves by working in the area for decades and placing the satisfaction of clients and their families as our top priority. We understand the type of expertise that good north London nannies must possess to be most helpful to families in this exciting and action-packed part of London.

All of our nannies in north London are familiar with the northern part of the city and understand how to juggle the hectic lifestyles of a modern London family. We can provide you with a caring professional that works around your schedule in a way that most benefits your family. Do you prefer to travel by public transport to cut down on emissions in the city? No problem.

When working with a top north London nannies agency, we can easily provide you with a nanny who knows how to navigate the city with your children the way you want. Your nanny can help your children become comfortable in the city as well, taking the precautions necessary to ensure their safety while instilling in them the confidence to eventually guide themselves along the winding streets of London

Similarly, our north London nannies can provide the specific types of services your family needs when and where they need it. Your nanny can work part-time or full-time, focus on basic care and housework or concentrate on education and upbringing, speak almost any language you and your family decide, and work with you to meet whatever other requests you may have. Let one of our north London nannies help your family run as smoothly as possible.

Flexible hours from our child care agency London office

Just like our other services, our nannies in London are available for both full-time and part-time service, and either as a live-in or a daily assistant. Whether you need a nanny to assist you on a short trip or are looking for a more permanent alternative, we will do our very best to set you up with an ideal arrangement.

Saving yourself time, energy and money

Some parents are averse to using a nanny service and would rather hunt for a nanny themselves, but that approach has innumerable costs and downsides. While anybody can search for a nanny in the classifieds or online, the quality of the nannies available are not guaranteed. At UK & International Nannies, we do all the legwork for you and save you a considerable amount of time and effort by simply calling upon our database of quality, pre-approved and experienced nannies.

In addition, we provide a full agency experience. If your nanny decides to leave or you need cover for when your nanny is unavailable, then we can step right in to ensure you have a replacement in no time. This ensures that your life is never interrupted, as we are always on hand to help. That is the kind of well-rounded service that we pride ourselves on: once you have experience our child care services, you will never want or need another agency.

All the benefits of a child care agency London

London is a diverse metropolis with the best the UK has to offer, so as a nanny agency London is proud of, we aim to ensure that any London-based nanny that we provide has all the benefits of London too.

For example, the international makeup of London means that many people speak one or more languages. We offer nannies who speak several languages in case your children do not speak English at home or you would like to raise your child to speak another language. That is just one way that, in choosing us as one of the best nanny agencies London has to offer, we can provide you with nannies that go above and beyond the normal requirements to give you what your family needs.

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