Many families enjoy having a bilingual nanny in their home, and one of the most requested types of bilingual nanny is a French-speaking nanny.

French is a language with strong cultural, political and economic value, so it is unsurprising that many parents want their children to be around a French nanny in order for them to pick up on the French language. In addition, many French expatriate families living in London also want a nanny who can converse with their children in their native language, so it is no wonder that demand is high for a French nanny, London based especially.

If you are looking for a French nanny, London is a great place to look. With a bustling French speaking community, there are a number of French speaking nannies who call London their home.

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Why a French Nanny?

  • You are a French family living in London

Many French families have made their homes in London, getting the best of British life coupled with excellent transport links by both train and air to France. However, living in London can make one feel disconnected from their country of origin, and many French parents worry about how to immerse their child in French culture while living abroad. Hiring a French nanny London for your French family can solve these issues: not only will your nanny be able to converse with you and your children in your native tongue in addition to English, but it can also help with redressing an imbalance and bringing a little bit of France into the heart of your home.

  • You want your child to learn French

Many British families like to hire foreign nannies because it will help their children acquire a second language, and French nannies in London are no different in this regard. French is a beautiful language, and it is also valued in the worlds of business and politics. Giving your child access to a native French speaker can aid their early life acquisition of second language and help with their overall language development.

  • Making the most of EU membership

As France, like the UK, is part of the EU, French citizens have the right to live and work in the UK without hindrance. This means that it is infinitely easier to hire a French nanny as you deal with less paperwork vis-à-vis tax and employment law than you would with hiring a non-EU nanny. There are no worries about visas and work permits: your French nanny London can simply turn up, work and do his or her job.

Why French is a great language for your children to learn

French was the lingua franca of the world for centuries, and some of the best works of literature, poetry and music were composed in that language. Bringing up your child to speak French will allow them to appreciate the music of Edith Piaf, read Marcel Proust in the original French, and appreciate Voltaire’s stabbing political satires and wit.

Many children learn French as the language of choice in British schools, so giving your child a head start will help them in the classroom or enable them to skip French lessons and take on a new language or subject entirely.

French is also intimately related to other Indo-European Romance languages; so learning French will aid your child in learning other Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. Learning a second language will aid their English language skills, as learning a second language allows children to better understand the grammar and nuances of their own language.

French is a language with global cache, and is spoken by many communities in Canada, Morocco, Senegal, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Belgium and other francophone countries worldwide. By helping your child to learn French, you are helping to induct them into a globalised world where speaking a second language is almost a prerequisite. With French being one of the main working languages of the European Union and United nations, its reputation as a language of note for years to come is assured.

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French nanny in london is reading a book, for the children

Bringing French Culture into Your Home

The French are well known for having a rich and varied culture, and any family would love to have major French cultural influence. Having a French nanny London who can introduce your child to French cuisine, French film and French music is an invaluable asset. Opening up your eyes to another culture can be fascinating, especially for a child. Being able to have an authentic French nanny who can show your child a whole new world and culture is a great asset to their development and ensuring your child grows up to be a well-rounded and cultured individual.

In addition, it is interesting as a parent to get a different cultural understanding of parenting and childrearing—especially when that culture is French. Numerous self-help books have charted the British obsession with the French way of doing everything from fashion to parenting, and having a French nanny London in your home is a sure-fire way to pick up on how different nationalities and cultures approach parenting, and for you as a parent to learn more about different methods and cultures of child rearing.

The Benefits of Bilingualism

Bringing a child up to be bilingual is one of the best moves that a parent can make, as study after study has demonstrated that bilingual children not only have higher IQs on average, but also go on to have more successful lives overall. Language learning is not just a wonderful thing in and of itself: learning a second language rewires the brain and helps a child to think laterally.
This means that children who speak a second language do not just excel and language learning, but also statistically do better in subjects like mathematics.

Furthermore, children who learn a second language often develop a better command of their first language, as they come to understand more about grammar and the fundamentals of language as a whole. Introducing a French nanny into your home may therefore actually help your child improve their English.

Overall, this shows that helping your child to become bilingual gives them so much more than just a second language (which in and of itself is an amazing gift). Your child may also grown and learn in other wonderful ways, helping him or her to succeed later in life. That is why a French nanny London would be the perfect fit in your family.

Enjoying London’s bustling French community

The French have always found a home in London, and that cross-linkage has only increased since EU membership and the Eurostar made travel to and from the UK so easy. London has had a vibrant French-speaking community that not only includes French people themselves but people from all over what the French term ‘la francophonie’ or the French speaking world.

Inviting a member of that community in the form of a French speaking nanny London into your home will help your child understand different cultures and learn important lessons about diversity and equality in the modern world. In addition, it will help your child (and perhaps yourself) get an insight on a different culture, and hopefully enrich your lives for the better.

Finding a French Babysitter in London
If you are looking for a French babysitter, London will not disappoint. The aforementioned large French community in London almost guarantees that there are always French and French speaking babysitters looking for work.

That is where UK and International Nannies steps in: we have contact with a number of French speaking babysitters who can look after your child on a short or long-term basis. If you need to pop out for the evening and there is nobody to look after your children, we can help with your problem. Better yet, with a French babysitter London, your child can have a built in French tutor and language partner. It is a neat way to get the best of both worlds, babysitter and tutor.

How UK and International Nannies can help

UK and International Nannies have contact with a number of French nannies in London, meaning that we can match you up with a nanny that not only meets your language needs, but also meets your other needs like flexibility, timings and holidays. If you need a French nanny, London based UK and International Nannies can provide you with exactly the French speaking nanny (London based) that you are looking for.

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