Help Your Children Become Bilingual with a German Speaking Nanny in London

Many parents spend a great deal of time and money escorting their children to lessons of various types around town after school. They are brought to soccer practice, piano lessons, ballet class, and homework tutoring weekly by parents who are trying to give their children the most well-rounded education available today.

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What many of these parents fail to realize is that much of a child’s education occurs outside of a formal classroom and in the home and playground. Especially when referring to a child’s social education involving human interactions and communication, kids are more likely to mimic the behavior they see at home then they are what they are learning in school or other extra curricular activities.

One clever way to take advantage of this reality is to guide the children’s informal education in the home as closely as parents do formal education in the classroom. This is a particularly useful strategy for parents who would like their children to become fluent in another language from a young age.

At UK and International Nannies, we are happy to provide our clients with a number of bilingual nannies speaking almost any language required, able to fulfill any of your family’s care taking needs. One of our most popular choices as of late has been for a German nanny in London who is able to teach children about both the language and culture of this impressive country. A German nanny in London can help out around the house and in the general care and maintenance of your family, in addition to making your children comfortable if not fluent in a language that is a non-too-distant relative of English.

The Many Benefits of Bilingualism

Studies have shown again and again that raising your children in a bilingual environment is not only the best way for them to learn a foreign language, but also an incredible way to expand your child’s perspectives and cognitive abilities. Children who begin studying a foreign language from a young age soak in the sounds and grammar like a sponge, in stark contrast to the hours of memorization and conjugation that most adults must suffer through to become proficient in a new language.

Children are able to accept the language immediately, incorporating the new terms and ways of thinking into their own thoughts instead of constantly going through the added step of translations that most adults must do. Even more, evidence shows that children that learn a second language have an easier time of picking up third and fourth languages as well.

This is because the children already understand the language acquisition process and the basic ideas laying at the foundation of language learning that some words and ideas may not translate over exactly into your mother tongue. This makes them more likely to ease into a new language instead of fighting against it. Starting them off with a foreign language now is the best way to prepare them to learn any languages they choose in the future.

Bilingual children seem to have somewhat more active activity, especially across hemisphere, than non-bilingual children. This is probably because they are more constantly working in different mindsets and constantly translating between languages for loved ones and daily needs. Later on in life, these enhanced brain waves seem to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia in the elderly. Help strengthen your children’s current and future cognitive abilities by having them work with a German nanny in London.

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Why Consider a German Nanny in London?

The reasons for hiring a German nanny in London are many. The German population in the UK is the fifth biggest group of foreign born expats living in the country, numbering at roughly 300,000 people. German restaurants and organizations pepper the city of London, where most people would say the German population is well integrated and almost blends into the multicultural landscape that makes up the city.

With so many people being associated with this historic country, it is no wonder German nannies are a hot choice in London. What are some of the motivations that a family might look for a German nanny in London?

Many of these families with parents and at times children who are German born who transfer to the city ultimately look for a German nanny in London to help make the children fluent in their parent’s mother tongue and continue living by many German habits or traditions within the family unit.

Even more, ensuring that the children speak German will certainly ease any future interactions with family that only speaks German and even an eventual move back to Germany, if it ever occurs. German families often find that hiring a German nanny in London is the simplest way to find a nanny that understands their family life and can thus easily interact with everyone from the get go.

Professional Prospects
Germany is an extremely successful economic powerhouse, leading the EU with its sustainable monetary policies and ability to lead the entire continent on policy and ideology. It is touted for being a much more equitable society than most around the world, showcasing some of the highest levels of education and employment of any European state.

Your family may be preparing to transfer to Germany for professional opportunities, in which case learning the language and the culture is a definite must. Working in Germany can be an incredible opportunity for scientists, musicians, and other specialists thanks to the inviting and supportive work environment characteristic of German society.

In fact, Germans have produced many Nobel prize-worthy pieces of work in philosophy, the sciences, classical music, and many other areas. As the economic center of Europe, Germany is also home to several large international organizations, both public and private, offering workers several ways to build a fruitful career. Learning about German language and culture is the first step towards taking advantage of these opportunities.

Although most Germans speak some level of English, the country still operates in German. Fully integrating within German society will be much more possible if your family has some grasp of the language. Even if you or your partner has no immediate plans to work in Germany, giving your children the possibility to go live and work in one of the most prosperous countries in the world by learning the language from a German nanny in London from childhood will open up their job prospects significantly.

Some parents may not have German heritage or any plans to work in Germany, but love visiting the region or learning about its culture. Germany is a fascinating country with a model leadership style and a famously well-working infrastructure. Berlin is known as one of the most affordable and stimulating capitols in Europe.

Even more, the German language is spoken in several countries in the region, actually holding the spot for the language with the highest number of native speakers in Europe. German is estimated to be the tenth most spoken language in the world, with about ninety million people speaking German in over forty different countries. Hiring a German nanny in London to work with your family will enable you and your children to travel to dozens of countries and communicate with tens of millions of people.

Finding a German Nanny in London with UK and International Nannies

At UK and International Nannies, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients and nannies to assure that we are making the best pairings possible. We make sure we understand all of the requirements you are looking for in a caretaker, whether they be full- or part-time or live in or out. We can find a German nanny in London that is concerned with housekeeping in addition to child care or one that focuses only on child care, a nanny that places education and manners above other priorities, or a mother’s helper that can aid in the general caring of the entire family with the help of the parents.

We can help you find any sort of nanny you may be looking for that also possesses fluency in German and an understanding of German culture and traditions. Whether you have a German background, are planning on traveling to or working in Germany, or would simply like to give your children the benefit of learning a useful and popularly spoken second language, UK and International Nannies guarantees that we will find you the right nanny placement to meet all your needs.

Start the home education of your children today with the help of a German nanny in London. Your nanny can help out the family in any way needed in addition to providing basic language and culture instruction in German. All of our nannies are happy to work with your family at affordable prices that can suit almost any family. Contact us today for more information about hiring a German nanny in London.

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