Whether you are an Italian expatriate family in London looking for an Italian nanny who can fit in with your family and speak to your children in their mother tongue, or you simply want to raise your child bilingually and give them the gift of the beautiful Italian language, we at UK and International Nannies can provide the best Italian nanny London has to offer.

Finding the perfect nanny of any nationality can be tough, but we can ensure that we find the best Italian nanny London has available.

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Why an Italian Nanny?

There are multiple reasons why an Italian nanny specifically might be the right fit for your family.

    • You are an Italian family living in London

London is not just the capital of the UK, but in many ways is one of the premiere cities of Europe. It’s unsurprising then that so many Italian families have chosen to make London their home. However, many Italian-born parents can feel like their children are missing out on their heritage by not interacting enough with other Italians and Italian speakers. The development of their native tongue may also suffer without regular conversation. That is why finding a great Italian nanny London based is important for many Italian families in the capital.

    • You want to help your child learn Italian

Italian is a beautiful romance language derived, like most Indo-European romance languages, from Latin. Learning Italian would not only give a child a practical skill, but also give your child access to a wealth of other cognitive benefits. Experts agree that conversing with a native speaker is the best way to acquire a second language, so if you wish for your child to learn Italian, finding an Italian nanny London based may be an option you should consider. This is especially important considering the fact that experts agree that young children are particularly primed for language learning. Do not wait until your child enters secondary school to start the language learning process, and get a nanny who can help with this task.

    • Making the most of EU membership

Perhaps one of the best practical advantages of having an Italian nanny is that Italy’s EU membership makes living and working in London easy for Italian nannies. As an employer, it also reduces the amount of paperwork you would have to deal with versus employing a non-EU nanny. In this way, an Italian nanny London based may be the perfect choice for you as an employer.

London’s thriving Italian community

London has a thriving and close-knit Italian community, who know that family bonds are one of life’s great treasures. The fact that so many Italians choose to call London their home means that there are a veritable treasure trove of Italian speaking nannies in London. If you are looking for an Italian speaking nanny, London will definitely have what you are looking for.

Having an Italian nanny is also a means of cultural exchange: as a parent, one can learn more about Italian styles of parenting and child rearing, while your child can learn more about Italian music and film. The Italian emphasis on the family unit means that Italian nannies understand the importance of family, and this caring and giving nature often ensures that they make the best bilingual nannies.

Why Italian is a great language for your children to learn

Italian is a language not just spoken in Italy, but also by minority communities in several European and African states. Unlocking the Italian language unlocks the door to some of the most beautiful works of music, art and literature in Italian, which can be better appreciated in their original language. Reading Dante’s Divine Comedy in the original Italian or appreciating the music of Verdi and Bocelli in Italian Learning will expand a child’s worldview. Italian is also great if you ever plan to travel, live or work in Italy.

Italian is also a great language to learn because it is often rated as one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn because of its simple grammar. Furthermore, learning Italian opens the door to learning other European languages, as Italian has many similarities to Spanish, Portuguese, French and Romanian. Learning Italian is therefore a great way to prepare your child to learn other common Romance languages at school such as French or Spanish. It will give them a head start in school that will be invaluable, and it also gives them a marketable skill as they grow older.

The gift of a second language is one of the most important and valuable gifts that one can give a child. Helping your child by giving them a native speaker to interact with could set them on course for a life of language learning and acquisition.

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Italian nanny in London reading book aloud to children .

Bringing Italian Culture into Your Home
It is not just the gift of the Italian language that an Italian nanny will bring into your home: it is an entire cultural experience. Having a bilingual nanny who can teach your children about a different culture is an important gift in our current diverse and multi-ethnic society, and will give your child a jump-start in appreciating other lands and cultures.

If you choose an Italian live-in nanny, your child can be introduced to the wonders of Italian food. This is an excellent choice as the Mediterranean diet is often thought to be one of the healthiest diets in the world, and contributes to the longevity and health of those who live in southern Europe. Culture goes beyond food of course, and having an Italian nanny can also introduce your child to the aforementioned amazing Italian culture traditions in music and film.

In the multi-ethnic, multicultural and diverse society that Londoners live in everyday, it is important to get a first-hand experience of living with and working with people of different nationalities and cultures, especially in the globalised world in which your child will grow up. Just having your child appreciate and understand the rich cultures and histories of others is a great gift, and another reason why having an Italian nanny could be the right choice for you.

The Benefits of Bilingualism from an Italian Nanny London
If you want an Italian nanny so that your child can pick up on another language early in life, then you have made an excellent call. Not only is another language always an asset in today’s globalised society and economy, but also language learning at a young age has numerous positive impacts on a child.

A child who grows up bilingual is statistically more likely to develop a higher IQ than a child who is brought up in a monolingual environment. The benefits don’t just stop there: children who are brought up to be bilingual have been shown in multiple studies to have better executive functions, problem solving abilities and lateral thinking. Raising your child with a second language does not just improve their language skills, but can also improve their performances on more logic-based indices like mathematical skills.

Overall, the benefits of raising your child with a bilingual nanny who can foster the second language development are innumerable. That is why find the best Italian nanny London has to offer should be an imperative for your family.

Finding the best Italian speaking nanny London

Of course, it’s not just Italians that speak Italian. If you are a Swiss family looking for a Swiss Italian speaker, or you favour Italian spoke by the Italian speaking communities of Libya, Eritrea and Somalia, we can also try and accommodate those wishes and needs. If you would prefer to have a nanny whose native language is English, we also have a selection of native English-speaking nannies who speak Italian as a second or third language, who may be more suitable to your needs.

Why UK and International Nannies can help you find the perfect Italian nanny London

UK and International Nannies is a London based company, but we have operated all over the world and we know first-hand the benefits of matching a bilingual nanny with a family. With our unbeatable contacts, we can find an Italian nanny in London for you quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, we bring with us all the benefits of hiring via an agency.

Your nanny is guaranteed to be of outstanding quality, with thorough background checks that ensure your mind can be set at ease. We offer an outstanding service at a great price, so if you’re looking for an Italian nanny or babysitter in London, we should be your first port of call.

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