Finding the right nanny to help take care of your children can be quite the process. Between finding the right nanny agency and then handpicking the best fit nanny, finding a quality nanny can take months without the help of a professional.

Luckily, UK and International Nannies has been providing professional and experienced caretakers to families throughout the UK for decades, streamlining the entire process of finding the perfect nanny to meet your family’s unique needs.

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We are dedicated to making sure all of our clients are completely satisfied with the nanny that will be working with their family. We recognize that a nanny is not like many other types of workers and will ideally become integrated into the family unit on a more personal level. Thanks to this added layer of interaction and importance to the family, making sure that the nanny you choose to work with is able to blend into your family life is an important aspect of hiring a nanny that we do not take lightly.

We specialize in setting up families with nannies that possess specific skills that parents look for, ranging from language capabilities to religious preferences. In fact, we are a top provider of muslim nannies in London for families that prefer that their caretaker espouse the same habits and beliefs of the family. We can provide muslim caretakers that meet any combination of family care requirements without the hassle of searching through tens of seemingly qualified applicants. Hiring a muslim nanny in London has never been easier than with UK and International Nannies.

The Importance of Finding a Nanny that Understands Your Family

UK and International Nannies is proud to provide families with almost any type of caregiver they might need to help out the family. We offer both part- and full-time nannies that can live in home or commute daily to your residence. Nannies can focus simply on the basic caring needs of children or also help guide your children’s educational upbringing.

On special request, our nannies can also incorporate housework into their daily obligations. Nannies can watch over your children independently or simply help out while the mother is present and occupied. Our nannies can come with a wide range of additional qualifications as well.

Whether you are looking for a full-time, live in nanny that spends the majority of the week interacting with and educating your children or a short-term babysitter to watch over your children during special events, making sure that the caretaker you choose is an experienced professional that has the same values when it comes to caregiving as your family is extremely important. Many parents are choosing bilingual nannies to help with the children, receiving much needed caregiving help while also giving the children an opportunity to become comfortable or even fluent in almost any foreign language possible.

Similarly, religion can be an important deciding factor for many parents, especially those who prefer that their children are raised in a more traditional environment. We understand the importance of such close matching between family and nanny, therefore we work with nannies of every religion.

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The Muslim Community in London

The muslim community in London is one of the fastest growing social groups in the UK, bolstered by new immigrants arriving from around the world and especially the war-torn Middle East. Mosques can be found throughout the city, as can restaurants and other amenities catering to muslims who follow the recommendations for daily living as set out in the holy book. Several different muslim sects are represented through various religious organizations and social organizations, allowing practically everyone to be able to find the right community niche for themselves and their families.

Although muslims come from every corner of the world, many speak or at least understand some form of Arabic. Arabic is gaining popularity as a secondary language in the UK, largely because this significant influx of migrants from the Middle East and predominantly muslim regions. At UK and International Nannies, most of our muslim nannies are proficient if not fluent in at least one dialect of Arabic.

Beyond understanding the religious rites and principles that make up the religion, this additional language aspect can be great for families whose mother tongue is Arabic or who want their children to be able to learn the language of the Koran, even if it is not their primary language. Your muslim nanny in London can both watch over your children spiritually and help them learn how to communicate through the most common language used amongst other muslims around the world through language immersion.

Benefits of Finding the Best Fit Muslim Nanny in London for Your Family

Whether your family strictly adheres to Islam or is a member of some of its more liberal sects, UK and International Nannies can find a muslim nanny in London that meets your family’s religious needs. They can help you make sure that your children become accustomed to a regular prayer schedule, watch what they eat to stay within muslim dietary restrictions, and incorporate muslim beliefs into their everyday decision-making.

Depending on your requirements and the type of nanny you choose to hire, they can help you incorporate muslim principles into almost every aspect of your child’s daily life to provide the type of upbringing you always wished for your children, despite living in a society that is not predominantly muslim.

We offer muslim nannies that can speak a wide variety of languages and come from several muslim sects, allowing your family to be paired with a nanny that fits in perfectly. Of course, your muslim nanny in London will also follow the same calendar and holiday schedule as your family, making planning for special events or vacation all that much easier.

In addition, hiring a muslim nanny in London will assure that they are already familiar with the religious milestones and obligations of Islam that your family chooses to participate in. Knowing the history and practices of the religion and its associated cultural elements will make it much easier for your muslim nanny in London to connect with your family and provide the best services possible to your children.

Religious Plurality and Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism seems to have become one of the most influential buzzwords of the century. Especially in a global capital like London, both the sources and effects of multiculturalism can be seen in every aspect of city life – from the fascinatingly diverse restaurants and food stops available on the streets to the incredible variety of languages and religions that can be studied or followed within small communities sprinkled throughout the larger city.

Multiculturalism centers around the idea that multiple different cultures can co-exist happily within a single society to the benefit of the society on the whole and each individual societal member, regardless of the particular cultural group that they call their own. The theory is that multiculturalism promotes acceptance of difference, greater open-mindedness, and a more in-depth understanding of the world and how to interact across societies.

Multiculturalism can specifically refer to many aspects of culture. Religious diversity is commonly grouped in with multiculturalism because many religions are associated with a relatively defined group of cultures, which in this case would refer to other cultural aspects like citizenship, language, etc. Working with a muslim nanny in London is a way to maintain your family’s heritage and traditions in the midst of an extremely multicultural society where strict adherence to religious principles is often overlooked.

Instead of having your children and family completely assimilate into traditional British culture, a muslim nanny in London can help your family keep its own traditions while contributing to the multiculturalism that makes up modern British society.

UK and International Nannies

Finding the ideal nanny for your family with the help of UK and International Nannies will ensure that your family is provided with a highly qualified, professional muslim nanny in London who adheres to the same general beliefs as you and your family and who is ready to help care for your children using the same principles.

Your muslim nanny in London can work as many hours as your family needs, focusing on caring for the children, their education, or more general housekeeping duties. No matter your specifications, a nanny from UK and International Nannies will come at an affordable cost as well. Contact us to find out which muslim nanny in London is the perfect match for your family.

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