Many families enjoy having a bilingual nanny in order to expose their children to another language and culture, so it is unsurprising that Russian nannies in London are often in high demand.

In addition, many Russian families based in London prefer having a compatriot care for their children so that they can converse both in English and Russian. This means that Russian nannies are one of the most popular choices for bilingual nannies across Greater London.

If you are looking for a Russian nanny in London, then UK and International Nannies can help. By making use of our lauded child care agency services, we can provide a Russian nanny (London based) who is the perfect fit for your home. If you have been considering having a bilingual nanny in your home, short-term or long-term, then we can help you consider your child care options and needs, and assist you in finding the right bilingual nanny at the right price.

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Why a Russian Nanny?

There are many reasons why parents prefer a Russian nanny to nannies of other nationalities, but here are just some of the reasons why a Russian nanny in London might be the right fit for your family.

  • You are a Russian family living in London
      Since 1990, more and more Russian families have moved to London to take advantage of the cultural, lifestyle and economic opportunities on offer there. This has lead to the growth of a thriving Russian expatriate community in London. However, many Russian families who require home help often prefer to have Russian speaking nannies in order to foster their cultural traditions and also for the ease of having a nanny who speaks their native language. This is understandable, and a major reason why many Russian families come to us looking for a Russian nanny, London based, to care for their children.
  • You want your child to learn Russian
      Russian is a notably complex language for native English speakers to learn and therefore many find the only way to truly learn Russian is to interact with a native speaker. Having a native speaker at home is a great way to help your child pick up on a difficult language like Russia, and master the beautiful intricacies of the language. This works well as children find it much easier to pick up a language, so simply being around a Russian nanny will help a child pick up words and become accustomed to the beautiful Russian language. Since the end of the Cold War, schools have placed less of an emphasis on learning Russian and therefore there is a growing gap in the marketplace for young Russian speakers. Helping your child to learn Russian by giving them a Russian nanny London not only gives them a unique skill and all of the benefits of bilingualism, but also will help their careers and personal development later on in life.
  • You admire Russian parenting styles
    Much ink has been spilled over Russian parenting styles, which tend to encourage ordered living and structure to help children flourish. Many admires of this parenting style find that it helps to have an actual Russian nanny, London based, who can help supplement this kind of structure when the parents are not around.

By giving structure and order to children’s’ lives, they grow up feeling safe and less stressed. If that’s the kind of environment you would like for your child to thrive in, then perhaps a Russian nanny in London is for you.

Why Russian is a great language for your children to learn

Russian is, as already mentioned, perceived to be difficult for English speakers to learn. However, once one overcomes some of the barriers by learning the Russian Cyrillic and mastering some of the grammar, Russian is a beautiful language and greatly gratifying to learn. Russia is a major world power in both the world of politics and business, and therefore the ability to speak Russian is a major asset. If primed, a child who grows up learning Russian will have many doors open to them later on in life.

In addition, learning Russian, an Eastern Slavic language, can speed the acquisition of other Slavic languages due to similarities in phonology and grammar. The difficulty of learning Russian also places other languages into perspective, and after learning Russian, a child may find learning languages such as French or Spanish at school comparatively easy.

Russian is a widely spread language, and learning Russian will help one with interacting not just with native Russian speakers but also those from Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Poland where significant minorities speak Russian and their languages have many Russian loanwords.

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Little girl doing homework with russian nanny London.

Bringing Russian Culture into Your Home
Russia is a country as large as a continent, and so it is a country not of one culture but of many cultures. This just makes Russian culture even more fascinating to experience, especially when understood through the lens of Russia’s fascinating history and language.

Russian culture and language gave rise to amazing works of literature from greats such as Tolstoy and Pushkin, and Russian folk music tradition is widely accepted to be one of the most rich and vibrant musical traditions in the world. A Russian nanny who can teach such beautiful songs to children and slowly but simply inject different cultural traditions into a child’s life can really enrich their childhood experience by broadening it with other cultural perspectives.

Having a Russian nanny also tends to help break some of the ingrained stereotypes we have in the West of Russians as cold or unpleasant. Once on gets to know Russians, they tend to be incredibly warm and hospitable people who will go more than the extra mile to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

The best way to understand a culture is through its language, and learning some Russian via a Russian speaker can help children break through stereotypes and understand some of the Russian traditions and customs that seem bizarre to us. Helping a child to understand different cultures is crucial in our globalised and diverse world,

The Benefits of Bilingualism

Scientists from multiple disciplines have studied the benefits of being bilingual for decades, and they overwhelmingly conclude that bilingualism accompanies a multitude of benefits—especially for children. Children who grow up bilingual often have higher IQs than children who do not know a second language, as bilingualism encourages lateral thinking and in fact helps children with a variety of logic based and problem solving issues.

Because of this, bilingual children not only have better language skills but also tend to do better in subjects like mathematics and critical thinking. In addition, knowing a second language tends to improve your grasp of your first language, as you get a better understanding of the grammar rules and fundamentals upon which all languages are based.

Assisting your child in becoming bilingual allows them to grow in a number of ways, and it is a gift that goes beyond simply speaking Russian. Bilingual children often grow into cultured, smart and success adults, and it helps give your child the best start in life. If that sounds like a great deal to you then a Russian nanny London might be the perfect fit for your child and family.

Enjoying London’s Russian Community
The Russian community of London has greatly increased in size over the past two decades, and there are an increasing amount of Russians immigrating to the UK in search of job opportunities. This means that there are more Russian nannies than ever looking for jobs in London, giving you more options in terms of flexibility and personality.

Getting to know a member of this community is a great way of enjoying all the Russian community of London has to offer, including great restaurants, culture activities and more. These are all events that your children can enjoy and interact with in order to learn more about another culture. If you have a Russian nanny, London and its Russian community can really help that relationship flourish.

How UK and International Nannies can help

We at UK and International Nannies can help you find the perfect Russian speaking nanny, London based, and we can pair you with a nanny that meets all of your needs—language, time flexibility, and work hours. If you need a Russian nanny, London based UK and International Nannies can provide the Russian speaking nanny (London based) that you need at a fair price. 

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