Help Your Children Become Bilingual with a Spanish Speaking Nanny in London

Looking to give your child a unique experience with a caring and professional nanny that can help them with more than just the basics? UK and International Nannies has been providing high quality nannies throughout the London area and beyond for over two decades. We understand the importance of only pairing families with qualified nannies that very closely match their specified needs, both in terms of practical work expectations but also in the way the family would like to relate with the nanny.

We help families find nannies, governesses, tutors, babysitters, and many other types of caretakers who pass our vigorous screening process before every coming into contact with a family. We also specialize in offering nannies who speak multiple languages, believing wholeheartedly that beginning language education from a young age is the best way to help a child correctly and fluently learn a language.

UK and International Nannies often responds to requests for a Spanish nanny in London as one of the most popular languages in which parents want their children to gain fluency. Spanish is one of the most useful languages in the world, spoken by millions of people in the Americas and Europe. If you choose to find your spanish speaking nanny in London from UK and International nannies, you are guaranteed to welcome an experienced nanny into your home who is fluent in Spanish and is well-versed in the best and most natural language teaching techniques for teaching your children.

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Studying a Language from a Young Age

Giving your children the best chances possible to succeed has never been more important than it is today. Making sure your child grows up in the most enriching environment possible, however, can mean many things. Some parents focus on enrolling their children in as many types of extracurricular activities as they can find, ranging from music and sports to intellectual competitions and spelling bees.

These are usually in addition to rigorous academic studies at competitive schools once the children are old enough. All of these activities can significantly benefit your child, expanding their mental strengths while also getting them important practice in a variety of social situations.

In fact, a child’s social education is often under appreciated as an equally important part of childhood education and resultantly under nourished. Giving your child strong communication skills and the confidence to interact with different sorts of people in various environments can be just as important as memorizing global capitols or shooting a lot of baskets.

Learning any language, especially one as widespread as Spanish, will change the way your child makes connections in their brain, literally opening their mind to new thought patterns and innovative thinking. Even more, learning a language will greatly increase the sheer amounts of people your child will be able to effectively communicate with, expanding both their personal and professional prospects.

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Choosing Spanish over Other Foreign Languages

The reasons for wanting your children to learn Spanish vary greatly. Some parents are of Spanish or Latin American origin and want to make sure that their children are raised in a Spanish-speaking environment. Other parents may not have any Spanish heritage but enjoy traveling to Spanish-speaking countries and would like their children to have the opportunity to communicate while abroad. A full immersion Spanish nanny in London helps these children learn Spanish quickly and effectively in the comfort of their own home before departure.

Some parents have no connection to the Spanish language, hoping to instruct their children in the language for future opportunities. Whatever the motivation, hiring a Spanish nanny in London to teach your children a new language is an investment in their future. Not only will your Spanish speaking nanny teach your child language skills, either. Along with the language, they will help your child understand Spanish history and culture as well.

The Benefits of Learning Spanish

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken first languages in the world – well over three hundred million people around the globe learn Spanish as their mother tongue. Combined with those who learn Spanish as a secondary language, there is little doubt that helping your child learn how to communicate with hundreds of millions of Spanish speakers will prove exponentially useful throughout their lifetime. The benefits of having a Spanish nanny in London are many:

As one of the most popularly spoken languages in the world, Spanish will help your child communicate with millions more people than would be otherwise possible. Especially when living in multicultural city like London, this skill can greatly help your child expand their social and professional networks beyond what would otherwise be possible if they only spoke English.

Depending on what your child chooses to focus on later on, opening their potential social network to Spanish speakers around the world could completely change who they become friends with, form relationships with, and interact with in general.

When a person learns another language, they are creating new brain pathways between thoughts, ideas, and feelings that would otherwise not occur. In fact, studies have shown that bilingual children have an easier time learning any language later on, thanks to the language learning skills they learned from a young age, and are often more adaptable in multicultural situations.

Finding a Spanish nanny in London to watch over your child will help your child expand their mind in basic ways that can benefit them throughout their life.

Professional Prospects
Many employers search for hires that are able to communicate in another language. Some need specific language skills to help work with Spanish clients, but others simply want to see that a person has the capability and dedication to learn a new language along with the overall enhanced communication skills that are associated with being bilingual. In fact, many universities require at least proficiency in a foreign language to meet graduation requirements.

Although English is quickly becoming the lingua franca around the world, knowing at least one other popularly spoken language can significantly expand the areas in which you can comfortably travel. Spanish is spoken as the mother tongue language in dozens of countries around the world, making it a great choice for enabling travelers to obtain more communication tools and possibilities.

Even more, travelers who do not have to default to English can often see a different side of things in foreign countries thanks to the bias in many places towards English-speakers. Learning Spanish can help your child interact with people in Spanish-speaking countries in a way that would otherwise be impossible, even allowing them to integrate into these societies smoothly when desired.

Working with Bilingual UK and International Nannies

You can choose to work with any type of nanny or caregiver we offer in almost any language you choose. This means that you can work with a Spanish speaking nanny in London that cares for your child in the way any English speaking nanny might, but takes care of most of the tasks and interactions with your children in Spanish. This will immerse you language in the practical usage of the language and get them accustomed to using it regularly. Contrarily, your family can work with a nanny part-time whose primary role is language education or a full-time governess that helps educate your children on any aspect that you ask.

As such, your Spanish nanny in London can completely integrate into your family’s busy schedule to be as beneficial to your children as possible. Full-time Spanish speaking nannies can work twenty-four hours a day or only during waking hours for usually five to six days a week, while part-time Spanish speaking nannies can be highly flexible with their hours and days.

Live-in nannies require accommodation, board, at least a month’s paid holidays annually and a regular salary. All of our nannies are happy to collaborate with families to find the right schedule and Spanish immersion intensity to meet their children’s needs.

Help your child learn Spanish in the easiest way possible. Hire a Spanish nanny in London from UK and International Nannies to immerse your child in the language and culture of their heritage or to help them communicate with millions of people in the future. All of our Spanish nannies are professionals with years of experience who take childcare and bilingualism seriously. We will only attempt to pair you with a nanny that meets all of your technical specifications, including speaking fluent Spanish, and most importantly, gets along with your family.

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