At UK and International Nannies, we specialize in providing high quality caregivers for your children that meet all of your specific needs. We can provide help that is full or part time, live in or live out, inclusive of housework and educational tasks, or bilingual in nature.

Our bilingual nannies are a popular choice, allowing you to get the help caring for your children that you need to manage your busy life while also providing them with a rare opportunity to learn a foreign language in the comfort of their own home.

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We can provide nannies who speak almost any language fluently, even those not spoken by hundreds of millions of people. Our Swedish speaking nannies have recently begun to gain favor, offering families in London and around the UK the chance to learn this unique, ancient language from the source.

In modern Europe, most young people speak at least two languages, often choosing English as a second. For those of us who were born into English-speaking countries, it may not seem as pertinent to learn a foreign language since English is the lingua franca used by travelers worldwide. In reality, even mother tongue English speakers can benefit from learning a second language that interests them or that they can use in their daily personal or work lives just as much as another person benefits from learning English.

In fact, starting language acquisition from a young age can be one of the greatest educational gifts you provide your children, lasting a lifetime and helping them in more ways than can be imagined from the outset.

Why study Swedish?

Swedish is a language spoken by more than ten million people in the northern parts of Europe. It is one of the most ancient languages spoken on the continent and touted for being a rather difficult language to learn. Swedish may be the language of choice for your family for any of several reasons. Families with Swedish or nordic backgrounds enjoy keeping their heritage alive through their children, passing down the fluency or reigniting fluency in a new generation.

Thanks to Sweden’s high standard of living and stable employment, many families relocate to Stockholm or other Swedish cities for work. Even if these placements are only for a couple years, helping both the parents and children learn Swedish before arriving in country can make the transition much easier and later integration into Swedish society much more possible.

Swedish may not be the most popularly spoken language in the world, but it is a North Germanic language making its distant roots the same as English. This means that learning Swedish for an English-speaker is more intuitive than one would originally think, in terms of both structure and sound. Being able to conquer this language will provide your children with critical language learning skills making it easy for them to learn many other languages.

In more modern times, the living languages residing in the same family as Swedish include Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Faroese. Learning Swedish will help your children pick up any of these similar languages. Many find that Swedish is so close to Norwegian and Danish that speakers of one language can understand and communicate with those speaking another one of the languages on the basic level.

The Swedish Population in London
Although the city of London has just under the same number of population as the entire country of Sweden, a significant number of Swedish-born have moved into the United Kingdom’s capital. It is estimated that Swedes number over 60,000 in London, not including British born children of Swedish descent or the hundreds of thousands of Britons who share some form of Swedish ancestry. Even though Swedes may make up a small percentage of the total London population, their cultural influence is visible. Several Swedish bars and restaurants can be found throughout the city, in addition to bottles of Swedish wine in many restaurants and wine halls.

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What are the benefits of bilingualism?

Studies have shown that the benefits of bilingualism are extensive and varying, benefiting children regardless of which language is being studied and how it will later be implemented. Children who begin studying a foreign language young not only pick up the language with much less effort than their older peers, they also are much more able to fully incorporate the language into their thought processes and resultantly change they way their brain makes connections. It has even been suggested that bilingualism may help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia thanks to effects on the brain.

In addition, they are more capable of correctly pronouncing several sounds (and therefore words) that don’t exist in English thanks to the impact of learning a language while their brain is still developing. Children’s brains are able to automatically absorb several details of language usage and pronunciation that adults must struggle to remember and use.

Socially speaking, learning Swedish will enable your children to interact with millions of Scandinavians living all around the world. Sweden is known as a country with an extremely high quality of living and a society that is so equitable it is often used as a model for countries looking to increase their governmental inclusion and dedication to human rights. Immersing your children in the Swedish language will also teach them a great deal about its culture and societal values.

Despite the fact that most Swedes speak at least a minimum of English, learning the language and thus being able to communicate with the locals in their mother tongue is an entirely new experience that can open up several new opportunities for companionship and learning. Giving your children the tools to connect with such an ancient and fascinating society in their mother tongue can allow them, were they to travel or move to Sweden, to integrate in a way otherwise impossible.

How can a Swedish nanny in London help your family?

Like any of our caregivers, your Swedish nanny in London will work closely with you to design a work schedule and list of requirements that works for everyone. We can help pair you with either a full- or part-time nanny that simply focuses on caring for your child or that also helps out with basic housework and errands.

You can also work with a governess to support your child’s well-rounded education and appreciation of manners. Some of these caretakers live in the family home while others stay in their own home nearby. In addition, mother’s helpers are available to help new moms care for their family. Our caretakers can be available for both short- and long-term assignments domestically and abroad.

Better still, we are happy to find pair you with any of these types of caretakers that speaks the language of your choice. A Swedish nanny in London can help care for your family in the ways it needs most while teaching your children about the fascinating Swedish language and culture.

Why Choose a Swedish Nanny in London with UK and International Nannies?

At UK and International Nannies, we focus on meeting our client’s needs by providing them with the highest standards of service possible. We want to make sure that we are only giving our clients the best possible family help available, so all of our caretakers have been vigorously screened before being put in touch with clients in addition to having their experience history verified. We want the process to be as simple as possible for you, so we have streamlined the entire process of finding the right Swedish nanny in London for your family.

We will ask you a series of simple question pertaining to your expectations and requirements for your new caretaker, and we will send you a few potential matches in the area. You are than able to converse with these candidates and potentially arrange an interview. We do all the pesky investigative work so that you can get down to finding the right Swedish nanny in London for your family.

Teaching your children a new language from a young age can be one of the greatest gifts you ever give them. Choosing a Swedish nanny in London to educate your child about one of the most prosperous countries on the planet and to learn its unique language will expand their horizons in surprising new ways. Instilling in them the importance of learning new things and seeing things from different perspectives will inevitably prove priceless. Work with UK and International Nannies to find the perfect Swedish nanny in London for your family.

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