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Toys for children are not so basic anymore as parents and other relatives purchase children’s toys that have a luxurious or over-the-top design at the best possible quality. Especially when it comes to outdoor toys, there is a lot to choose from for a fun time outside from play houses, cycles, jungle gyms, sledding, and backyard pools.

Real ‘play’ houses

A tree fort may be what the rage was in the past and an important part to a childhood and the perfect addition to a family with 2.5 children, but today outside play houses are more real and better than ever before. These playhouses are designed to look like real houses, not just log cabins, but sometimes better looking houses than what’s on the market. These outside playhouses are top-notched and the measurements and designs can even be custom designed in different styles from Mediterranean or Victorian that have more than one floor and can be fully equipped with different rooms such as a living room and a play kitchen to look like the real thing and not out of plastic. They give a whole new meaning to “playing house.”

A need for speed

A luxurious  pedal car for toddlers.

To get to and from the family house to their own playhouse, children might want a way to get there and a toy car might just be the right type of transportation. Luxurious pedal cars for children come in designs that exactly match real-life vehicles whether they are retro or the latest vehicles of the year from brands such as Audi, Ferrari, and BMW so children can go in style. These pedal cars are designed with similar features that the original vehicles have whether it’s the design including spoilers and speedometers placed inside the peddle car. If a toddler already has their eyes set on the sky, another peddle bike to consider is the Airflow Sport Racer pedal Plane which is a perfect plane model complete with wings, propellers, and even a cushioned seat like you find in the pilot’s cockpit.

Another way to get children excited for their own set of wheels someday and take control behind the wheels is with a remote controlled toy car. From race cars, top brand names, and monster trucks; play time can become a lot more exciting with driving these race cars on a sidewalk and around different obstacles. Going to an outdoor toy race car track with a child’s playmates can let them feel like Danica Patrick or David Gilliland.

Outdoor sports: biking and sledding

A toddler sitting next to his tricycle.

You can’t enjoy the great outdoors without including sports into the mix. During the summer if the children can take a step up from peddle cars, go on family biking trips around your neighborhood or on trails. But if you still have small children such as toddlers, outdoor toys such as tricycles like the Italtrike OKO is a safe as well as comfortable for beginning bicyclists. This tricked out trike includes an electronic desk and the ability to adjust it for several sizes as children grow. As a child becomes better at cycling, a bike to considering upgrading to is the Titanium Tricycle. Because it is made out of titanium, this bike is not only lightweight, but indestructible as well.

During the winter months, different automobile companies have sleds so children (minimum of 6 years of age and for anyone who does not weigh more than 100kg or 220 pounds) can plow through the snow during a day outdoors. Last year Audi introduced the Audi Snow Sledge to the market. Made with a light weight synthetic material, this sled can withstand extremely cold temperatures, it is very easy to steer, and comfortable to ride.

Bring the park to your backyard

Instead of going all the way to a city park, build one in your backyard in the comfort of your home. Select a jungle gym that covers all the features you would want or need to make it complete:

  • Climbing wall
  • Swing set
    • Tire swing
    • Rotary Platform swing
    • Rope swing
    • Tunnels and walkways
    • Monkey bars
    • A slide

There is really no single method to put together the best jungle gym in your backyard, but you can certainly try. Stick with a theme like a faraway destination on an island or in the mountains and build it accordingly. If there is a particular character from a book or movie that a child enjoys, you can create a backyard jungle gym theme according to the background setting or plotline.

Summer fun with a pool

A backyard pool for toddlers and grade school children is perfect for cooling off in the summertime and working on their swimming skills at home. Add in different lights and features to make a pool the safe and fun area you want for your children. Consider adding in waterfalls, water walls, or fountains to splash around and to make your pool look more like a tropical oasis. Another idea instead of a fountain is installing a splash pad which is an interactive water playground with water shooting up from the ground at random sequences and reaching different heights.

If you are considering other additions such as a waterslide or a diving board, be sure that your pool is deep enough. Both can be awesome additions for backyard fun, but make sure a professional installs them according to pool guidelines. If you have a shallow pool or you’re just not ready to install a full slide, look into inflatable slide options instead. Outdoor toys like a water totter can keep them entertained for hours on end. Outside toys for toddlers can range anywhere from a water hopscotch game, boomerang toss, or you can play other pool games.


For children, toddlers to grade school age, there are plenty of ways to have fun outside with these luxurious toys. From swimming in the pool during the summer, biking around the neighborhood, sledding during winter, or going to the playhouse all year long, there’s plenty of toddler outdoor toys to play with at home.